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Class Description

This class is a combined SITH® Basic I and Health Concerns class.

By theend of the training, students will:

Begin to know who they are and their purpose for existence.

Learn how to care for and protect Self.

Learn what a problem is and how to solve problems.

Learn to look only to Self and the Divine Creator for problem solving.

Begin to know and appreciate the Divine Creator,

Learn how to apply SITH® process to experiences of illness and health.

Begin immediate application of problem solving tools for health concerns for Self and as health providers.


Some of the problem aeras are covered in the training include:

Self - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions

Family, relatives and ancestors

High blood pressure, pain, anxiety, depression and more

Death and dying

Land, buildings, health facilities



March 3 - 4, 2018 (Sa - So)



10 am - 5 pm both days

(Registration 1. day at 9 am)



Ho'okipa Kahuna Bodywork

Tegernseer Landstrasse 98, 81539 Munich

U-Bahn/Subway from Cental Station Hauptbahnhof to "Silberhornstraße" (4 stops)

Parking situation:
Chargeable parking in all streets around the event location, to 6 euros per day.
Free parking at Schönstraße/ Candidplatz (about 12 minutes to walk) or in the streets around the Wettersteinplatz (about 8 minutes to walk).



  • New Student - Adult (14 + yrs): 420 EUR - Pre-registration*
  • New Student - Adult (14 + yrs): 470 EUR - Week of the class
  • New Student - Child (-13 yrs):   220 EUR 
  • Review Student - Adult (+14 yrs): 210 EUR
  • Review Student - Child (-13 yrs):  110 EUR
  • World Wilde Absentee - Any I-Dentity  -  210 EUR 
  • Training staff no cost                                                   (all Fees incl. VAT)


*Pre-registration Fee will be accepted in full up to Saturday at midnight 1 week before the class, Feb. 24, 2018.

Anyone making payment after Saturday at midnight must pay the Registration Week of Class Fee. It is the students responsibility to make sure the payment has been received in full.


Please note new students are required to read: "Who's in Charge?"

To access the article go to the IZI LLC Website




World Wide Absentee Students are Welcome


Any I-Dentity may be registered for any of IZI LLC sponsors SITH® classes as a World Wide Absentee Paticipant. Family members, children, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, business, cars, houses, pets, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, and all I-Dentities may take the class in absentee.

The Registrant (the person who registers and pays for the class) may register any Participant (the I-Dentity). For 2018, the World Wide Absentee Participant does not have to have taken the class before, to take it in absentee, except for Asia.  For more information to World Wide Absentee please klick here.


Please klick here

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Registration for Health Classes


1. Details, location and registration information for each SITH®

    training will be posted on the website as the information becomes available.

2. Each SITH® class registration is handled by the Coordinator for that area.

3. Students are required to read the online article, "Who's in Charge?” prior to

     enrolling in the Basic I class.

4. Review students for this class must have attended a 2 day SITH® Health

    Class before. Once students have attended a Health Class in person then they may

    attend the Health Class as a Review Student.

    Students that have attended a Health class as a new student, would then attend a

    Basic I or Business class as a new student the first time they attended.

5. No one will be admitted to a class unless they have paid the fees for the class in full.

6. By registering for the class, students agree to the Disclaimer and Registration


Your contact:

Irene Schwonek

phone: +49(0)89 60665398

Fax:      +49(0)89 60665399

cell:      +49 15140132845

email: office@hooponopono-germany.de

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