Ho'oponopono Germany
Ho'oponopono Germany




October 7 - 8, 2017 

English with German translation

Irene Schwonek & Sirin Duruk


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Class Description

SELF I-DENTITY THORUGH HO'OPONOPONO® is a Hawaiian problem solving process to

release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives and affect our


The Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono® Business Ho'oponopono is a SITH® Basic I

class and includes the SITH® Twelve Step Process and other SITH® Basic I Tools.

The SITH® Business Ho'oponopono class is designed to teach the Ho'oponopono

process with the opportunity to focus on the problems, decisions and opportunities

of Business. 

The SITH® Business Ho'oponopono class includes a Business questionnaire and

discussions related to business.

Students get the chance to use the SITH® Twelve Step Process and tools, applying

it to business situations.

Students who attend often are involved in businesses, starting up business, own or

are employed by businesses, sources of income. 

This class offers unique opportunities for cleaning.


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Oberer Landweg 27

21033 Hamburg




Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, both days.

Registration begins at 9:00 AM



  • New Student - Adult (14 + yrs): 440 Eu - Pre-registration*
  • New Student - Adult (14 + yrs): 475 Eu - Week of the class
  • Review Student - Adult (14 + yrs): 210 Eu
  • World Wilde Absentee - Any I-Dentity  -  210 Eu  


*Pre-registration Fee will be accepted in full up to Saturday at midnight 1 week before the class.Anyone making payment after Saturday at midnight must pay the Registration Week of Class Fee. It is the students responsibility to make sure the payment has been received in full.


Please note new students are required to read: "Who's in Charge?"

To access the article klick here



World Wide Absentee Students are Welcome


           Any I-Dentity may be registered for any of IZI LLC sponsors SITH® classes as a

           World Wide Absentee Paticipant. Family members, children, spouses,

           boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, business, cars, houses, pets, oceans,

           rivers, lakes, mountains, and all I-Dentities may take the class in absentee. The

           Registrant (the person who registers and pays for the class) may register any

           Participant (the I-Dentity). For 2017, the World Wide Absentee Participant

           does not have to have taken the class before, to take it in absentee, except

           for Asia.  For more information about World Wide Absentee please klick here. 



Please find here all information for the HO'OPONOPONO BUSINESS class registration

You can send the registration form

Thank you.

For a quick Registration ONLINE please klick here       

For furter infrormation please contact:

Irene Schwonek

cell: +49(0)15140132845

email: office@hooponopono-germany.de


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